Conference Special functions and special numbers

Datum 10 jul. 2013 - 12 jul. 2013
Lokatie Universiteit Utrecht
Omschrijving at the occasion of the 60th birthday of Frits Beukers.
Yves Andre (ENS), Christine Berkesch (Duke), Daniel Bertrand (Jussieu), Yuri Bilu (Bordeaux), Clemens Fuchs (Salzburg),
Ken Ono(Emory), Bjorn Poonen (MIT), Eric Rains (Caltech), Jeroen Sijsling (Warwick), Masha Vlasenko (Dublin), Don Zagier (Bonn/Paris),
Michael Zieve (Michigan), t.b.c., Wadim Zudilin (Newcastle). Schedule will be posted in due time.

Registration and participation in the event is free, but if you intend to come, please register to help us with the planning.

Registration deadline is June 15, 2013, and by email, see the website for a detailed description and an emailaddress.

Talks will take place on the campus of Utrecht University at Utrecht Science Park / de Uithof.
Conveniently reached from the town center and railway station by bus 11/12.

Organisator Science. Secr. MathIns (email)
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Geplaatst door Minnie Middelberg