4TU.AMI InterTU studiedag

Datum 23 jun. 2017
Lokatie TU Eindhoven

4TU.AMI--InterTU study day


This year the 4TU-AMI--InterTU study day will be organized on Friday June 23 at the TU Eindhoven.

During this day mathematics teacher from the Technical University of Delft, University of Wageningen, University of Twente and the Eindhoven Universiy of Technology exchange their experiences in teaching mathematics.

Everybody is welcome. If you want to attend the interTU study day, please register at

Registration Form

Registration is requirred.


Lunch and drinks are offered to you by 4TU.AMI, as well as the dinner (dinner only free for 4TU.AMI members).

The program for the day is as follows:


Program for the morning in MF 7 on Floor 0 of the MetaForum


10.30-11.00  Coffee and tea

11.00-11.20  Hans Cuypers (TU Eindhoven): Open Up your Math

11.30-12.00 Bernard Meulenbroek (TU Delft): Online course linear algebra for pre-master's programs

12.10-12.40 Joost van Opheusden (U of Wageningen): Blended learning in Wageningen

13.00-14.00 Lunch in MetaForum Floor 4  Eurandom lounge

Program for the afternoon in MF 11/MF 12 on Floor 4 of the MetaForum

14.00-14.30 Harry Aarts and Karen Slotman (U of Twente): Experiences with digital testing

14.40-15.10 Emiel van Elderen (TU Delft): Why is Physics difficult for our math students?

15.15-15.45 Coffee and tea

15.45-16.30 Tom Verhoeff (TU Eindhoven): Combinatorial Choreography

16.30-17.30 Drinks in MetaForum Floor 4  Eurandom lounge

Program for the evening in Eindhoven near the train station

18.00-20.00 Dinner (offered to 4TU.AMI-members by 4TU.AMI)


The organizers, Hans Cuypers and Hans Sterk


Organisator Hans Cuypers (URL, email)
Geplaatst door Hans Cuypers