YEQT XI: "Winterschool on Energy Systems"

Datum 11-15 dec, 2017
Lokatie Eurandom, Eindhoven

Power grids are indispensable and critical infrastructures for modern-day society. Due to recent technological advances, power grids need to evolve and become more flexible and resilient systems to contrast the increasing uncertainties and volatility in power generation. Many challenging research questions and opportunities arise in this research field, with great need of stochastic enrichment. The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources and the advent of energy storage demand improved forecasting methods, which in turn are fundamentally changing the structure and the design of energy markets. More sustainable fossil-free, yet reliable, energy generation and dispatch require better forecasting techniques and new algorithms that fully account for intrinsic uncertainties.

Organisator EURANDOM (URL, email)
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Geplaatst door Patty Koorn