Workshop : « All Events “Mathematical Techniques in Optical Networks”

Datum 16 apr. 2018 - 18 apr. 2018
Lokatie Eurandom, Eindhoven

Optical networks are a key part of current day technological progress. They form the backbone to all future communication networks like 5G, internet of things and such. Apart from being a very important field of research in engineering, optical networks also pose a lot of interesting mathematical problems.

The workshop, Mathematical Techniques in Optical Networks, is conducted under the auspices of NETWORKS and The Research Center for Integrated Nanophotonics  at Eurandom. The goal of the workshop is to bring together the communities of engineering and mathematics. The event will be set up in such a way that researchers, especially young mathematicians receive tutorials and lectures from experts in the field of Optical Networks. The speakers will address challenges in the existing technology and ways to broaden the scope of these networks through mathematical tools.

Organisator EURANDOM (URL, email)
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