EWM The Netherlands Annual Meeting 2018

Datum 20 sep. 2018, 12.30 - 18.00
Lokatie Delft

Save the date for the 2018 EWM-NL Annual Meeting. This event aims to bring together all members of EWM-NL and of the general mathematics community in the country. This year, the focus on the event is on “Positive Discrimination: advantages and drawbacks“. The main speakers, Prof. Han Entzinger and Prof. Peter van den Besselaar, are distinguished researchers in the field of inclusion and integration of minority groups. In addition, a panel discussion will focus on the practical implementation of gender balancing strategies in Dutch academia.

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12:30-13:00 Registration and coffee

13:00-13:15 Welcome
13:15-14:00 Talk by Han Entzinger
14:00-14:15 Discussion with the audience
14:15-15:00 Talk by Peter van den Besselaar
15:00-15:15 Discussion with the audience

Coffee and tea break

15:45-16:00 Numbers on Women in Math: monitor presentation
16:00-17:00 Panel discussion on practical implementation in management and policy.

Drinks (until 18:00)

Please register to attend.

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