"Road to Reality" Symposium

Datum 22 January 2019
Lokatie UvA Institute for Advanced Study, Amsterdam

Symposium at the Institute for Advanced Study (UvA) about how physical, mental and mathematical worlds are connected, as postulated in the "Three Worlds Model", described in the book "The Road to Reality" by professor Sir Roger Penrose on the occasion of the release of the Dutch translation. The potential role of complexity science will also be discussed.

Sir Roger Penrose (University of Oxford)
Professor Renate Loll (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Professor Rainer Goebel (Maastricht University)
Dr. Judith Peters (Maastricht University, NIN and VU Medical Center)
Professor Bart de Smit (Mathematisch Instituut, Leiden)

Moderator: Prof. Karla Miller (University of Oxford)

With generous support from the UvA Institute for Advanced Study, Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics, Platform Wiskunde Nederland, NWO, NIKHEF and Meromorf Press.

Organisers: Prof. Dr. Peter Sloot (Institute for Advanced Study, UvA), Dr. Judith Peters (Maastricht University), Hester Breman (Meromorf Press)

Organisator Meromorf Press (URL, email)
Meer informatie http://ias.uva.nl/content/events/events/2019/01/road-to-reality.html
Geplaatst door Hester Breman